Martin, a Colombian artist that lives parts of his life in Gran Canaria, surfing, skating and playing music... He says: " To rap is like a wave that sustains a surfer ...  that's where the magic of his songs born.
Traveling as a juggler, with a small box of sound, he has distributed his art, in the street, festivals, theaters and concerts. He is a traveler with many stories to tell and Hip Hop has opened a portal to communication through music. Also, the mix of Hip Hop Reggae, Drum & Bass, Dub, and other styles gave a multifaceted way to compose and play in different stages.
At the moment he has found musicians that accompany him live, they are the Volunteers, coming from the Reggae, they support Martin to transform the music already realized by him and produce new songs. 
The Volunteers are: Yannig (Guitar), Franco Gil (Bass), Oliver Kruger
 (Drums), Edu Huachilef (Keyboard).
This adventure starts walking down the roads right now, we are waiting for you, we are going there or here, simply following the sounds of music, those which give you freedom!

Music & Videos

Recordando Live in Hamburg
Idas y Venidas
Dos Minutos Roots


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